Rövid hírek (05.01)
Nolan nemsokára hosszabít!
2011.05.01 13:00 NUFC - Liverpool !



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1 Blaydon Races (chorus only)
All time classic from the Toon.
2 Newcastle
The basic ones are always the best. makes a great …
3 We Are The Geordies
We are mental and we are mad.
4 Drunk And Disorderly
Always sung and always true.
5 We Hate Sunderland
Need we say more, ace ringtone.
6 Do The Ameobi
to tune of The Hoki Koki
7 Get Yer Tits Out
Like the log wolf whistle at the end.
8 Toon Black And White Army
Good Newcastle United ringtone (Ed: Better audio added)
9 What Do You Think Of Sunderland
Favourite ringtone.
10 Peter Lovenkrands
Sung all over the place!
11 Fat Cockney
We don’t like Cockneys
12 Get out of our club
Directed Towards Mike Ashley
13 Have You Ever Seen A Mackem In Milan
Don’t u need a passport?
14 Empty Seats
Laughing at part time Boro supporters
15 The Wings Of A Sparrow
Sung at Sunderland fans.
16 La La La Geordies
Makes a tuneful ringtone.
17 Geordie Boys
We like to do it like
18 Fulwell End
Sung at Roker Park by the Geordies! (To the tune …
19 E-I-E-I-E-I-O
King Kev!
20 We Love Newcastle
21 Mackems On A String
Best Toy Ever
22 When The Mags, Go Marching In
All geordies will be there. (Ed: Updated version)
23 Excited Geordie
Funny as chuff, great ringtone.
24 Boro Stayed At Home
Where are they?
25 Sad Mackem B**tard
Most of ‘em are.
26 Obafemi Martins
How old is he again?
27 Shearer
Our legend number 9, Ed: Improved chant
28 F*ck Back to Pennywell
Aimed at Sunderland Most people are familiar with the Pennywell …
29 Spell It Out
Spelling out our love.
30 Dirty Mackems
Giving it to the Mackems straight
31 United, Toon
A real rouser.
32 Keano!
Sang at most home games
33 Howay The Lads
Howay The Lads
34 4-1 Even Chopra Scored
When we beat the Scum 4-1
35 Liam + Andy O’Brien
to tune of Any Old Iron
36 Hark Now Hear.
Keep the faith.
37 Pogo If You Love The Toon
Up and down
38 What Do You Think Of Sunderland
39 Let’s Go Mental
We’re Mental
40 Alan Smith
Top marksmen for the toon.
41 Tyne And Wears Worst
Sung to Sunderland obviously
42 Stevey Harper
Newcastle song for the best goalie in the league
43 He’s Coming Home
He’s back in the Toon.
44 Michael Owen
Assasin extraordinaire
45 What The F**kin Hell Is That?
When we see something strange during a match, like when …
46 Na, na, Geordies
Good old classic
47 Never Be Defeated
We are invincible (Ed: Imroved version)
48 Whats It Like To See A Crowd
Also sung to teams with almost no fans. Ed: extended …
49 Bobby Robson’s Black and White Army
To the late, great Bobby
50 Keano’s On The Dole
One in ten (Ed: Not anymore)
51 Nicky Nicky Butt
A song for are ginger solid midfielder to the theme …
52 Small Town In Durham
Sang to wind the Mackems up
53 Stand Up If You Love The Toon
Belter of a ringtone
54 Kill Em
But dont worry we wont. (we will on the pitch)
55 Get The Mackems Out
Get the filth out
56 You’re Not Singing Anymore
57 Time To Go
To tune of Vindaloo
58 Soft As…
Again sang at Sunderland
59 Your Support
60 Geordies
Self explanatory really
61 The Boro
Dirty Smoggies
62 Stand Up If You Hate Sunderland
Arise fellow Magpies
63 Attack
Classic football war cry.
64 Charles N’Zogbia
Song for our powerful french midfielder.
65 Ashley Cole, He’s A F***ing A***hole
Sung to Ashley Cole for being a general a***hole
66 (Clap) Geordies (Extended)
Simple but great toon ringtone.
67 You’re Scum And You Know You Are
Another we sing to Sundrland
68 Mark Viduka
For the big man up front. Ed: Better and longer …
69 Southgate Song
For the Boro, lovely
70 Only One Alan Shearer
The one and only
71 One Steven Taylor
Our only steady stopper.
72 We Are Staying Up
We better!
73 You’ll Never Do The Double
Sang when we played Sunderland last year
74 Obefemi Martins
Better quality extended version but without the 21 or 28.
75 Keegan Wonderland
King Kev’s back in toon!
76 Alan Shearer’s Black And White Army
Newcastle song for Wor Al
77 Who Are Ya?
Old chant sung by most teams
78 Get Into Em
A rouser to get the lads going.
79 Big Sam’s Barmy Army
Gone but not forgotton.
80 Scum, Scum, Scum
It’s all in the name
81 What Was That
Having a go at the opposition
82 Claps
Clapping to a tuneful Geordie beat
83 Mark Viduka (Clap)
Another for the big man.
84 Keegan
Kevin Keegan, legend.
85 Kevin Keegan’s Barmy Army
This is what we sing.
86 Going Down
Sung at Boro
87 Glen Roeder’s Barmy Army
And we will fight forever more.
88 Andy Carroll (Lyric only)
Mostly sung in the corner.
89 Andy Carroll (Lyric only)
I first heard this at QPR last game of the …
90 Oh Coloccini (Lyric only)
the tune of “I love you baby”
91 Geordie Vuvuzela (Lyric only)
No need for the vuvuzela! (See Youtube very funny)
92 His Name’s Joey Barton (Lyric only)
His name’s Joey Barton and he loves the toon as …
93 Comin’ Home Newcastle (Lyric only)
A good song for the Toon. (Ed: See Youtube)
94 Gutierrez (Lyric only)
Song about the Spiderman!
95 Could Have Been Born A Mackem (Lyric only)
Nothing is worse than being a mackem
96 Sunderlands A Massive Club (Atf) (Lyric only)
Best song ever.. every word of it is true!
97 Yellow Submarine- Newcastle, Newcastle. Sounds Great. (Lyric only)
Heard in city centre, sounded class. To the tune of …
98 My Old Man Said Be A Sunderland Fan (Lyric only)
Sad mackem b*stards. Heard going to Bristol City
99 Magpie Ranger (Lyric only)
I want to be a magpie ranger…
100 Joey Barton (Lyric only)
The Black ‘n’ White Psycho
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